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taxi me 

A complete visual overhaul of the number one Bulgarian taxi application. The project is ongoing and includes:

  • Visual identity – color scheme, fonts, visual elements and styles;
  • Mobile application redesign for iOS and Android with numerous iterations;
  • Website (WIP), GDN banners, social media support, PR support, small print goods.

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop;
Adobe Illustrator;
Adobe InDesign;
Adobe AfterEffects;
Sketch 3.3

Adaptive design - works on both facebook (for desktop) and a website (for mobile).

GIF preview of the beer opening sequence – 19 static shots merged into an animation.

PNG compiled of real photograps of opening a beer; smoke and drops effects added separately in AfterEffects.

Shumensko 100,000 beers

An adaptive facebook/mobile online game acting as digital support for 2014’s Shumensko national promo campaign. Users were able to open up to 5 digital beers a day and had to collect 6 winning bottles to win prizes. 

The game was successful, so Carlsberg Bulgaria extended the period and added more prizes.

Winner of 3rd place in BGSite 2014 Facebook app category.

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop;
Adobe AfterEffects

Shipka store

An online store for natural cosmetics – http://www.shipka.bg/ . The project has been ongoing since 2011.

  • design in 2011;
  • WIP - update of the website, introducing a responsive layout;
  • facebook posts, brochures for the store, labels, cards, etc.

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop;
Adobe Illustrator;

Shipka WIP website update
Shipka old website

The old website design, currently active at http://www.shipka.bg

Shipka facebook postShipka facebook postShipka Facebook post

Facebook posts at Shipka’s page.

IlyanCom Christmas Card preview
IlyanCom Christmas card 2015

The main character had 11 levels to upgrade, each with a different visualisation.

IlyanCom Christmas card 2015

Drafts for the toys.

IlyanCom Christmas card 2015

A final version of a built toy, sharable on Facebook.

Chupa chups

A Christmas game for the lollipop brand. Together with a Bulgarian artist we developed a game where the users collect parts and build Christmas toys. Certain amount of toys gets the user a prize, and they could also share the toys themselves.

The game was supported by a Facebook campaign, featuring banners as well as custom-made videos, using the characters of the game.

Software used: 
Adobe Photoshop


An online game for Danone Activia Romania. Users had to understand the benefits of the wholegrains in the new Activia, so the game allowed them to grow wholegrains, milk the cows, and then put it all into a Danone pack. 

Each stage of the process was illustrated by a video with clickable areas with additional information on the steps.

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop;
Adobe AfterEffects;

The progress bar, showing where in the process the user is, and how many points they need to advance to the next level.

GIF preview of one of the level animations. Each level had three hot spots telling more about the stage.

GIF preview of one of the level animations. Each level had three hot spots telling more about the stage.

IlyanCom Christmas card 2015
IlyanCom Christmas Card preview

christmas card


A Christmas card for Ilyan.com. We customized a card for each of our clients. The brand managers who received it were also able to customize their own wish and send it to their friends. 

I established the concept and oversaw the execution. The characters were made from plasticine, then photographed and photoshopped.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop
Hardware used: plasticine





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